About the academy

Best practice digital age leadership Profiling, Coaching, Mentoring & Development programmes

Welcome to the Digital Age Leadership International Online Academy

This platform provides senior leaders and practitioners access to best practice digital age leadership profiling, training, development pathways, coaching and mentoring.  We focus on shifting mindset and behaviours. We develop role model leaders others will follow.

Our Vision is to develop a best practice digital age leadership across the world, with a primary focus on senior leaders and practitioners.

Our Mission is to help all leaders thrive in a digital age, by understanding their digital age leadership profile strengths and development areas and becoming lifelong learners, role models and adaptive leaders.

We support and empower practitioners to become the change they want to see around them. Developing their unique own digital age leadership contribution to champion successful digital transformation. 

Our Purpose is help everyone realise the gift of the digital age is our ability to reconnect with our humanity

Our Promise is that everything we do and all our products and services are grounded in The Dilyn Way. An adaptive best practice framework for digital age leadership that provides a global standard across the key elements and attributes of digital age leadership. Providing a direct connection between leadership and digital transformation.

For Senior Leaders

If you are a leader who wants to unlock their potential, understand current strengths as well as develop new leadership skills specific to a digital age then our professional certificate in digital age leadership could be for you. A programme that takes you through profiling, branding and uncovering your unique leadership value contribution through to the development and implementation of your own unique leadership pathway (what we call a Habit Cycle). Throughout the journey you will be supported by an individual mentor coach who is themselves a senior practitioner in The Dilyn Way. You may also be a digital professional and/or part of the L&D service of your business wanting to understand the current mindset and maturity of your leaders and change agents. If this is the case, our digital age leadership profiling assessment is something you might want to learn more about.

For Practitioners

If you are a digital leader, change specialist, project or programme manager, OD practitioner, L&D practitioner, executive leadership coach or even a technology leader, you will likely have responsibility, a passion and a commitment to

  1. Effectively driving digital transformation for your organisation or customers, or;
  2. Design, develop and support competent digital age leadership around you.

Either way, our professional certificate in digital age leadership will develop you as a practitioner to both drive successful digital transformation yourself and have the competency to design, develop and support leaders around you to unlock their own digital age leadership potential.

During the programme you will be taken down two parallel tracks: one will focus on your own digital age leadership mindset and behaviours and the other the competency to influence, support and enable this shift in others.

The Dilyn Way Team!